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As the most advanced helicopter dolly in the world, the Heliwagon’s true potential is best seen in person. While the Heliwagon is quite popular, it may not be something you have seen for yourself. Our team has put together this set of Heliwagon photos and videos to give you a better idea of the versatility the Heliwagon provides. Within these photos, you will see that the Heliwagon can be used in a variety of different scenarios. With a wireless remote control, you can safely move your Heliwagon from your hangar to your runway. This allows you to quickly and easily land your helicopter and move it to the desired location. 

You will notice the Heliwagon’s extremely durable construction and key features that make this helicopter dolly so unique. Diamond plated sides and a thick, tough, durable and nonskid polyurethane liner give this dolly a long-lasting construction. The brightly painted perimeter and pre-installed, optional lights not only give the Heliwagon a professional look, but they also help with landing in various types of conditions. Have any questions? Fill out our Contact Form and our expert staff will be happy to assist you.



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