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About - HeliWagon



A Heliwagon is an electronic helicopter dolly that makes moving your helicopter easier than ever. As the most advanced mobile landing dolly in the world, the Heliwagon allows the pilot or ground crewman to have a 360 degree walk around visibility with 100% positive control during aircraft movement on the ground. The Heliwagon is controlled by a wireless remote control with single hand operation. This remote allows for up to 500 feet of operating range and is FCC approved.



Unlike other helicopter dollies, the Heliwagon is 100% electric, giving you comfort, convenience, and efficiency when moving your helicopter. Equipped with commercial grade batteries, the Heliwagon can be plugged into 110v or 220v outlets for charging. Fully charged, the Heliwagon is going to allow for over four hours of continuous run while operating at up to 200’ per minute forward speed. The wireless remote included with your Heliwagon is going to be powered by AAA alkaline batteries and has the option to be used tethered to the Heliwagon. If needed, the Heliwagon can be towed as it does come equipped with a 2” receiver.



The Heliwagon was designed to eliminate the most common helicopter dolly issues found with manually operated dollies. With an electronic operation and being controlled with a wireless controller, the Heliwagon eliminates the need to tug or tow your helicopter to and from your hangar. This greatly reduces the need for extra equipment and allows for the Heliwagon to easily be stored away in tight places. The Heliwagon’s precise operation courtesy of the remote control reduces the chances of your helicopter encountering hangar rash. Hangar rash refers to damage done to your aircraft in and around a hangar due to poor ground control.


Supporting up to 9,000lbs in its heaviest duty combination, the Heliwagon has been engineered for longevity and performance. Starting with the powder coated frame, the Heliwagon is built with long lasting materials that are corrosion resistant. On the side of the platform, a diamond plate is used to provide a strong, weather-resistant siding that can take a beating. The platform of a helicopter dolly needs to be strong, yet soft enough to not damage the helicopter’s landing gear. The Heliwagon’s deck surface is coated with a thick, durable, non-skid polyurethane liner that is resistant to fuels, hydraulic fluids, and other caustic chemicals.

Aluminum Supplier


Each Heliwagon is made right here in the United States Of America to provide the highest-level of quality control using only the best materials available. Each Heliwagon is made with pride and our company is ready to stand fully behind each product. Whether you have questions about purchasing a Heliwagon or simply need tech questions answered about your Heliwagon, our expert staff is here to help. Simply give us a call or fill out our online contact form and a member of the Heliwagon staff will be in touch as quickly as possible.


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