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How To Buy - HeliWagon


When inquiring about a Heliwagon, there are going to be a few things you need to know before making your purchase. To help make your purchasing process easier, we have outlined a few important steps to consider when buying a Heliwagon. If you have any questions about ordering your Heliwagon, please do not hesitate to contact us.


The first step in purchasing a Heliwagon is to determine the size and weight of your helicopter. The weight and landing skid size are going to determine which size Heliwagon you will need to purchase. If you are unfamiliar with your helicopter’s specs, we suggest contacting the manufacturer or reviewing your user’s manual to find out the weight and landing skid size. 


Now that you have determined the weight and size of your helicopter, it is time to choose your Heliwagon size. The Heliwagon is offered in three different sizes to fit just about any small to medium-sized skid helicopter. Choose from the following Heliwagon sizes to fit your specific helicopter: 14’x14’ Heliwagon = 9,000lb Capacity - For Smaller Skid Helicopters. 14’x14’ Heliwagon = 9,000lb Capacity - For Lighter-Weight, Wider Helicopters. 14’x16’ Heliwagon = 9,000lb Capacity - For Larger Helicopters That Meet These Specific Specs.


Now that you have chosen the correct Heliwagon for your application, it is time to determine whether or not you would like to customize your Heliwagon. Customizing your electronic helicopter dolly adds to the luxurious feel of your Heliwagon. We can put your personal or company logo on the platform of the Heliwagon and add it to the wireless controller included in your kit. 


To aid in night-time landing or low-light situations, lights can be added to the corners of the Heliwagon. Lights help to assist your pilot in landing onto the Heliwagon when conditions are not ideal. These are great safety features and are recommended by the Heliwagon team on every Heliwagon order.


Now that you have everything you need to order your Heliwagon, it is time to make your purchase. Since your Heliwagon will be built to order, you will need to contact our team directly to make your purchase. Our team will walk you through each step to ensure the Heliwagon we build for you is exactly what you have envisioned for your personal or commercial use. Our team will confirm the correct sizing, add in any customization options, and build out a quote for your specific helicopter dolly. You can place your order with us at any time and we will have your Heliwagon delivered to your location of choice. 



Our expert team of helicopter dolly specialists is here to assist you after your purchase to ensure your Heliwagon is living up to your expectations. We can answer any questions you may have and provide tech help if required. You can count on Heliwagon to be here for you every step of the way before, during, and after your purchase.

Are you ready to get started? Get a Quote today. 

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