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3 Different Types Of Helicopter Ground Handling Equipment

Helicopter ground handling equipment is an integral part of ensuring safe and efficient operations on the ground. At Heliwagon, we specialize in providing top-of-the-line ground handling solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of helicopter operators. In this guide, we will explore three different types of helicopter ground handling equipment, including ground-handling wheels, helicopter dollies (with a focus on the Heliwagon), and tow carts, highlighting their features and benefits.

Ground-Handling Wheels

Ground-handling wheels are essential for maneuvering helicopters on the ground, especially in tight spaces or on rough terrain. These wheels attach to the skids or landing gear of the helicopter, allowing it to be rolled into position. Ground-handling wheels are lightweight and easy to attach, making them a versatile option for various ground handling tasks. They provide operators with the flexibility and maneuverability needed to safely navigate helicopters in confined areas.

Helicopter Dollies (Including the Heliwagon)

Helicopter dollies, such as the Heliwagon, are specialized equipment designed for lifting and transporting helicopters. The Heliwagon is a self-propelled dolly capable of lifting and moving helicopters weighing up to 12,000 pounds. It features hydraulic lifts and adjustable arms to securely hold the helicopter during transport. The Heliwagon is an ideal solution for moving helicopters short distances, such as from the hangar to the runway, providing a safe and efficient means of ground handling.

Tow Carts

Tow carts are another essential type of ground handling equipment used for moving helicopters over longer distances. These carts are equipped with a hitch that attaches to the helicopter's tow point, allowing it to be towed by a vehicle. Tow carts are sturdy and reliable, offering a safe means of transportation for helicopters across airfields or between facilities. They provide operators with the ability to move helicopters efficiently and securely, minimizing the risk of damage during ground operations.

Benefits of Helicopter Ground Handling Equipment

Investing in high-quality ground handling equipment offers several benefits for helicopter operators. These include increased operational efficiency, enhanced safety, and reduced risk of damage to the helicopter. Ground handling equipment allows operators to maneuver helicopters with precision, minimizing the risk of collisions and accidents. Additionally, ground handling equipment can help extend the lifespan of helicopters by reducing wear and tear on critical components.

Why Choose A Heliwagon?

Choosing a Heliwagon for your helicopter offers unparalleled convenience and safety. Heliwagons are specifically designed to simplify ground handling, allowing you to move your helicopter effortlessly and securely. With features like ground-handling wheels, helicopter dollies, and tow carts, a Heliwagon ensures smooth and efficient transportation of your aircraft, reducing the risk of damage and improving overall workflow. Additionally, Heliwagons are built with quality materials and precision engineering, providing durability and reliability you can trust. Whether you're a private owner or a commercial operator, investing in a Heliwagon is a smart choice for enhancing your helicopter's mobility and operational efficiency.


In conclusion, helicopter ground handling equipment plays a crucial role in ensuring safe and efficient ground operations. Ground-handling wheels, helicopter dollies (including the Heliwagon), and tow carts are essential tools that provide operators with the flexibility and maneuverability needed to navigate helicopters on the ground. At Heliwagon, we are committed to providing top-quality ground handling solutions designed to meet the unique needs of helicopter operators worldwide.


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