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Bell 429 Helicopter - A Comfortable & Quick Corporate Helicopter

Updated: Apr 18

As an excellent option for both relaxation and business, the Bell 429 can provide comfort and performance for any situation. Designed for your convenience, the 429 ensures that you will enjoy every minute of your ride. Today, we are going to look at the Bell 429 specs and some of its most profound features.

Bell 429 Helicopter - A Comfortable & Quick Corporate Helicopter
Bell 429 Helicopter - A Comfortable & Quick Corporate Helicopter

Bell 429 Specs

  • Landing Gear Width: 8 Ft 9.6 In

  • Max Cruise 150kts/278kmh

  • Range at VLRC: 411nm/761km

  • Max Endurance: 4.5 Hours

  • Standard Fuel: 217 Gallons/821 Liters

  • Aux Fuel (Optional): 39 Gallons/148 Liters

  • Cargo Hook Capacity 3,000lbs/1,361kg

  • Max Gross Weight (Internal): 7,000lbs/3,175kg

  • Empty Weight: 4,465lbs/2,025kg

  • Max Seating: 1+7

Built With Comfort In Mind

With the Bell 429, you get a large cabin that seats up to 6 with club seating. The cabin is also customizable for those purchasing brand new. The Bell 429 also has the widest cabin door in its class, so you do not have to squeeze in and out.

Intuitive Displays

Featuring BasixPro software, you can see critical flight information at every turn. This software makes all of the calculations for you, and the smart display shows you everything you will need to know immediately.

High-Performance Engines

Equipped with twin engines, the Bell 429 is going to give you power and performance on demand. Take flight from ground-level or your Heliwagon and power through hot and high conditions with ease.

Clamshell Doors

Clamshell doors come standard on the Bell 429 to make loading passengers and carbo much easier. Every second matters as a helicopter used in the medical and emergency field. These clamshell doors ensure you can quickly get in and out of the 429.

The Perfect Helipad For Your Bell 429 Helicopter

Our Heliwagon is a perfect fit for your Bell 429 helicopter. Many customers utilize our Heliwagon with their 429 for quick and easy maneuvering when in and out of the hangar. If you need more information or would like to speak to someone about a Heliwagon, fill out our contact us form today.


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