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Heavy D Sparks & His Heliwagon

Updated: Apr 18

Heliwagon is helping helicopter owners across the nation store and move their helicopters quicker and easier. As a remote-controlled helicopter landing pad, Heliwagon can move your helicopter in, out, and around your hangar in minutes. Trusted by some of the most famous companies, people, and law enforcement, Heliwagon continues to showcase its commitment to quality and customer service. Today, we will look at how Dave Sparks, more famously known as Heavy D Sparks, uses his Heliwagon.

Who Is Heavy D Sparks?

If you are in the car scene or watch a lot of YouTube, you have most likely heard Heavy D Sparks. As an American entrepreneur, custom vehicle builder, and professional YouTuber, Heavy D Sparks has certainly made a name for himself. Dave started operating heavy equipment for his uncle’s construction business, which quickly evolved into owning his own small excavation business. He hired Diesel Dave Kiley in 2008 to help run his equipment. From here, he continued to grow, started his Youtube channel with Deisel Dave, and grew it into what it is today.

With millions of subscribers on YouTube and countless video views, Heavy D is continuously pushing the ball forward for content creators. He has partnered with Diesel Dave to create the Diesel Brothers, and while they are not blood brothers, they have created a duo that millions have come to love over the past years.

How Heavy D Sparks Uses Heliwagon

As his fame started to rise, Heavy D started investing in larger toys, including helicopters. These help him get from point to point quickly and are also used in various videos he has created. As a man who has little time to waste, Heavy D uses his Heliwagon to move his helicopter in and out of his hangar quickly. If you have watched his social media channels, you know he also uses it for moving vehicles. Heavy D Sparks jokes about “shutting the haters up” and using his Heliwagon to move a giveaway truck to avoid putting miles on it before giving it away. While we designed the Heliwagon to move helicopters, it certainly can be used in some creative ways!

How To Get Your Own Heliwagon

You can fill out our contact us form if you want to get your very own Heliwagon or need more information regarding the Heliwagon. We have put together a quick guide showing you how to purchase a Heliwagon, including what you need to know when picking one out.


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