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Heliwagon Vs Helicopter Dolly

Updated: Apr 18

When moving your helicopter in and out of your hangar, you are going to need a dolly to make things easy. You can choose to do it manually with a helicopter dolly, or you can do it easily, hands-off with a Heliwagon. Today, we will look at the difference between a helicopter dolly and a Heliwagon.

What Is A Helicopter Dolly?

A helicopter dolly is a specialized piece of ground equipment used to assist in the loading and unloading of cargo or personnel for helicopters. It consists of a frame with wheels or skids, which can be operated manually or with a motorized system. The dolly provides stability during the transfer process and helps reduce the risk of injury and damage to the aircraft during loading and unloading procedures. It also helps to ensure that all items are securely loaded so they don't cause any issues while in flight.

What Is A Heliwagon?

Heliwagon is the pinnacle of mobile landing dollies, giving pilots and groundcrew complete control during movement. With its remote controller up to 500 feet away from the unit, you'll easily be able to move your helicopter around in your hangar with full 360-degree visibility – FCC approved! Rely on Heliwagon for effortless aircraft relocation that will make any pilot or crewmember's life easier.


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