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Heliwagon Vs Heliport

Updated: Apr 18

Heliports and Heliwagons are two distinct forms of helicopter landing areas. A Heliport is a designated landing hub for helicopters, while a Heliwagon is an innovative new form of transportation that combines the capabilities of both a helicopter and a wagon, allowing you to land one helicopter and move it to a new destination with a remote control.

What Is A Heliport?

A heliport is an area of land or water that is designated for the landing, takeoff and parking of helicopters. Heliports are typically situated near airports and regulated by airport or local government authorities. At the most basic level, a heliport consists of a clear landing area and a flat surface for parking. A heliport is also a permanent fixture and will require a dolly to move the helicopter to your hangar or destination.

What Is A Heliwagon?

A Heliwagon is a 100% remote-controlled helicopter dolly that allows you to easily move your helicopter in and around your hangar. As the most advanced mobile landing dolly in the world, Heliwagon will allow the pilot or groundcrew to have 360-degree walk-around visibility with 100% positive control during aircraft movement. Heliwagon’s remote allows up to 500 feet of operating range and is FCC approved.


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