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What Size Heliwagon Do I Need?

Updated: Apr 18

When shopping for a helicopter dolly, you will need to consider what type you want and what size you will need. When choosing a type, you will need to determine whether you want a regular helicopter dolly that is pushed/pulled manually or a Heliwagon that is remotely controlled for easy operation. Once you have that figured out, you will want to determine the size you will need. For the sake of this article, we are going to look at what size Heliwagon you will need for your helicopter.

Heliwagon - What Size Heliwagon Do I Need?
What Size Heliwagon Do I Need?

Smaller-Skid Helicopters

If you have or are planning to purchase a smaller-skid helicopter under 8,000lbs, there are two different sized options you can choose from for your Heliwagon. The first size is going to be our smallest size, coming in at 12’x14’. This Heliwagon is perfect for the smaller helicopters that do not need a large platform to land on. Plus, this Heliwagon fits perfectly in smaller spaces if you are limited in your hangar.

Lighter-Weight, Wider Helicopters

The second Heliwagon that is designed to hold up to 9,000lbs is going to be the 14’x14’ Heliwagon. This remote-controlled helicopter dolly is going to be best suited for lighter-weight, wider helicopters under 9,000lbs. The wider platform gives you more area to work with if your landing gear is a little too wide for the 12’x14’ Heliwagon.

For Larger Helicopters

For larger helicopters up to 9,000lbs, the 14’x16’ Heliwagon is going to be a better fit. As the largest Heliwagon we offer, this helicopter dolly should be perfect for your larger helicopters. If you are unsure if your helicopter is going to be a good fit for this Heliwagon, give our team a call. We can help make sure that our Heliwagons are going to be a good fit for your specific Helicopter’s weight and dimensions.


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