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How Do Helicopters Get Moved On Ground?

Updated: Apr 18

As a helicopter owner or potential helicopter owner, you will need to know how to move it on the ground and in or out of your hangar.

How Do Helicopters Get Moved On Ground?

In today's blog, we will look at several options on the market and how Heliwagon can help make things easier and more efficient.


A tow cart is a ground handling accessory for helicopters that supports the weight of the aircraft during take-off and landing. Typically made of sturdy steel or aluminum, it features adjustable arms that securely lift the helicopter and allow it to be easily transported across the tarmac. Tow carts are designed to increase safety, reduce operational downtime, and enable efficient aircraft handling at airports and helipads.


A dolly, also known as a landing and takeoff platform, is a device used in helicopter operations to facilitate safe landing and takeoff on uneven terrain. It consists of a reinforced metal frame fitted with wheels or skids, as well as hydraulic systems that can adjust the platform's height and tilt. The use of a dolly can reduce the risk of accidents and damage to both the helicopter and the landing surface.


The Heliwagon is a cutting-edge technological innovation designed to replace the traditional helicopter dolly. With its 100% electronic operation and efficient remote control, this innovative advancement continues to revolutionize the field of aircraft transportation. With no additional equipment needed for towing or pushing the dolly, it allows you to optimize your space, increase your helicopter's maneuverability, and have complete visibility with 360-degree walk-around precision during aircraft movement.

The Heliwagon's advanced wireless remote control allows for effortless single-hand operation, offering complete control during aircraft transportation. With its impressive 500 feet operating range, you can move your aircraft within that range with absolute ease. This wireless remote control's FCC approval status attests to its reliability, efficiency, and safety, making it a trusted choice for aircraft transportation. The Heliwagon's advanced features and functionality set the standards for efficiency, safety, and reliability in the aircraft transportation industry.


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