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What Is The Difference Between A Helipad & A Heliwagon

Updated: Apr 18

When landing a helicopter, you are going to need a stable and safe landing platform. Traditionally, most helicopter landing platforms are built on the ground and are used for more permanent solutions. With Heliwagon, you can land your helicopter virtually anywhere you can set your dolly up. This allows for versatility and lower costs for those wanting a more advanced landing platform for helicopters.

What Is The Difference Between A Helipad & A Heliwagon
What Is The Difference Between A Helipad & A Heliwagon

What Is A Helipad?

A helipad is a landing area or landing platform for helicopters or powered lift aircraft. Helicopters may land on and operate on a variety of flat surfaces, but a helipad offers a clearly marked location that has been designated as a safe landing and takeoff point for helicopters. Helipads are built away from obstacles and painted to include a circle around the diameter of the helipad as well as a large “H” to allow for the helipad to be easily seen from the sky. Helipads are permanent structures and are meant for locations where helicopters commonly land and depart frequently such as airports, hospitals, and other high-traffic areas.

What Is A Heliwagon?

A Heliwagon is a wirelessly controlled, helicopter landing pad that seconds as a dolly to easily move your helicopter around once it is on the Heliwagon. Heliwagon uses the same principle as a helipad, but in a much more convenient package. The Heliwagon allows you to easily move the landing pad to your desired location and wirelessly control it to move your helicopter into a hangar or other areas. This is great for those who want a cheaper, non-permanent solution for a helipad that has more to offer.

Wireless, Remote Control Helicopter Landing Dolly

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