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Todd Stam

Heliwagon……..where do I start! A few years back when I bought my first Helicopter I didn’t think life could get much better, then I bought a Heliwagon. I remember having a few buddies meet at my hanger to go for a ride, as I was maneuvering my helicopter around my plane my buddies couldn’t stop talking about this new dolly. It had LED lights on it and my custom logo. I knew my Heliwagon was special but it was that moment, I realized my friends were more interested in my Heliwagon than my turbine Helicopter. I've used this dolly in the snow, ice, below zero temperatures and the heat of the summer. Its NEVER let me down. I’ve had countless times my co-pilot has turned the dolly around while landing, because the wind direction had changed. Safe, reliable and fun! Heliwagon is a game-changer, the best thing I’ve bought for the money in a long time.

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