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Heliwagon Moves More Than Just Helicopters

Updated: Apr 18

We were always told there would be flying cars in the future, and while this has yet to come to fruition, we are getting closer. The popularity of drones has made it easier than ever for those without a pilot license to fly unmanned aircraft in the sky. While this has pushed the drone industry further and further with drone deliveries, light shows, and life-saving tasks, they still lack one crucial element, the ability to carry larger weights.

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That is where Lift Aircraft has helped bridge the gap with the HEXA. HEXA is the world’s first personal flying experience for everyone that uses drone-like technology to take flight. Let’s take a closer look at what HEXA brings to the table.

Heliwagon Moves More Than Just Helicopters

Future Of Aviation

These are just the latest advancements in the aviation industry that make it flying more accessible to the general public. Companies like Lift Aircraft and Heliwagon, makers of remote-controlled helicopter landing dollys, are making it easier and easier to enjoy the world of aviation with their great inventions. We are excited to see what the future might hold for our industry!

Distributed Electric Propulsion

To lift the average human, you will need some pretty heavy equipment. HEXA uses 18 independent electric motors and propellers to provide a perfectly stable, controlled flight.


The HEXA is equipped with four perimeter float for buoyancy and stability, allowing it to land on both land and water. A center float is filled with energy absorbing to give the HEXA added buoyancy and to protect it during a hard landing.

Easy To Fly

Equipped with a seven-inch touchscreen, the HEXA can be used by just about anyone. A triply redundant autopilot computer with a single, 3-axis joystick is all you need to control the HEXA. You can activate a “Look Mom, No Hands!” mode for a full autopilot experience.

Lightweight Build

The HEXA’s airframe is built entirely of carbon fiber, weighing only 432lbs. It also is compliant with the FAA’s Powered ultralight classification. This means you do not have to have a pilot’s license to fly the HEXA. Sound scary? Don’t worry; Lift Aircraft provides plenty of training before you take flight.

Safety First

Flying can be scary, especially for beginners. That is why Lift Aircraft has put safety at the forefront of the HEXA to ensure its operators are as safe as possible. The HEXA is built to fly and land with up to 6 motors disabled safely. An autonomous ballistic parachute is installed as a backup if it is ever needed.


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