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How Law Enforcement Uses Heliwagon

Updated: Apr 18

The Heliwagon is a versatile tool that can be used by both private helicopter owners and commercial helicopter users alike. We built the Heliwagon to help make landing, moving, and storing helicopters quicker and more efficient. This has helped a variety of people and companies make better use of their time and safely move their helicopter. One of the most common uses of a Heliwagon in a commercial setting is from law enforcement. We are proud to be able to provide various law enforcement agencies with Heliwagons to help speed up their processes. Today, we will look at how Heliwagon helps law enforcement and how you can get your own Heliwagon.

What Is A Heliwagon?

So what exactly is a Heliwagon? A Heliwagon is a helicopter landing pad and dolly all in one thanks to the wirelessly controlled system. This allows you to use a remote control to move your helicopter around when it is landed on the Heliwagon. This is great for those who want a cheaper, non-permanent solution for a helipad that has more to offer. A Heliwagon is a great solution for those who want a more practical dolly that does not require manual moving and can move your helicopter in a fraction of the time. Unlike traditional helicopter landing pads, the Heliwagon allows you to land your helicopter virtually anywhere you can put your Heliwagon.

How Heliwagon Helps Law Enforcement

Heliwagon helps law enforcement be quicker and more efficient in landing and moving their helicopters. In most helicopter-use scenarios, law enforcement agencies need to be quick and every second matters. Trying to maneuver a helicopter dolly around manually can cost precious time and can be the difference between life or death in certain situations. With a Heliwagon, these agencies can move their helicopter in and out of their hangars in minutes, allowing them to be more responsive in emergency situations.

We have worked with the Spokane Sheriff Department and L.A. County Sheriff Department to provide them with an all in one solution for their helicopter landing and dolly needs.

How To Get Your Own Heliwagon

You can fill out our contact us form if you want to get your very own Heliwagon or need more information regarding how to build and purchase a Heliwagon. We have put together a quick guide showing you how to purchase a Heliwagon, including what you need to know when picking one out.


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