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How To Maintain Your Aircraft Hangar

Updated: Apr 18

As an aircraft hangar owner, you have a responsibility to ensure your hangar is properly maintained for the safety of you, your aircraft, and others who will be in and around your hangar. Today, we are going to look at 4 ways you can help maintain your aircraft hangar.

How To Maintain Your Helicopter Hangar

Keep It Clean & Organized

Perhaps the most important maintenance tip for keeping your aircraft hangar maintained is to keep it clean and organized. Make it a habit to routinely clean and organize your hangar to prevent any hazards from those walking in and out of it. Using a Heliwagon can help keep your hangar organized very easily.

Think About Fire Safety

At any given moment, your hangar could be full of valuables that can quickly be destroyed in a fire. Ensure that you are keeping a fire extinguisher in your hangar, as well as keeping items away from electrical boxes and electrical wiring.

Be Aware Of FOD

FOD, Foreign Object Damage, is the most common cause of aircraft damage and can compromise personal safety. Be aware of your operation areas and ramp areas to keep them clean and free of dangers when pulling your aircraft into your hangar.

Keep Your Hangar Doors Maintained

The doors on your hangar are quite large and will need to be routinely maintained to ensure proper operation. Rust, electrical issues, and mechanical issues are just a few of the main concerns when it comes to hangar doors. Keeping your door operating smoothly will ensure that you can keep them closed in severe weather as well as keep your valuables locked securely inside.

Keeping Your Hangar Organized With Heliwagon

Using a Heliwagon can help keep your hangar more organized as you can easily move your helicopter in and out of your hangar. It also allows you to put your helicopter into tight areas of your hangar for more efficient storage. To get more information about your Heliwagon, fill out our contact us form today.


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